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Roof Restoration for Crossroads Automotive in Newnan, Georgia

Roof Restoration for Crossroads Automotive in Newnan, Georgia

Diamond Roof Restorations is more than just a roofing company — we're pioneers in metal roof restoration solutions. Our recent project for Crossroads Automotive in Newnan, Georgia, stands as a testament to our expertise in metal roof restoration and our commitment to quality.

Project Overview:

The metal roof of the Crossroads Automotive building had faced its fair share of challenges over time. But with our specialized metal roof restoration process, we didn't just rejuvenate it; we fortified it for the future.

Our Process for Metal Roof Restoration:

Power Washing: Every successful metal roof restoration begins with a pristine surface. We power washed the entire roof, ensuring the removal of all residues and deteriorating materials.

Tightening & Replacing Screws: Each screw was meticulously inspected. We tightened the existing ones and replaced those past their prime.

Sealing with FiberSeal Base: After this, every screw, irrespective of old or new, was sealed with our FiberSeal base, a crucial step in metal roof restorations to ensure complete protection against potential leaks.

Seam & Skylight Sealing: We made certain that all the vertical and horizontal seams, as well as skylights, were sealed, enhancing the integrity of the metal roof.

Poly Acrylic Base Coat Application: A foundational layer of durable poly acrylic base coat was applied, prepping the roof for its final protective layer.

White Top Coat Finish: The final touch to our metal roof restoration was our brilliant white top coat. This special coating offers multifaceted benefits: it reflects sunlight, significantly reducing heat absorption and ensuring energy savings. Its reflective properties also guard against harmful UV rays, preventing early degradation. This coating even contributes to cooler surroundings, combatting the urban heat island effect. And, by promoting energy efficiency, it underscores our dedication to eco-friendly solutions.

The Result:

Crossroads Automotive now boasts a metal roof that's not only restored but also energy-efficient, environmentally conscious, and ready for the years ahead.

In the Newnan, Georgia area and considering a metal roof restoration? Choose Diamond Roof Restorations. We don't just restore; we redefine roofing. Contact us today.

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