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Roof Waterproofing To Protect Your Savannah Property


When you're in the market for the top commercial roofing contractor in Savannah to take care of waterproofing, think of Diamond Roof Restorations. The process of waterproofing can be used for all roof types. Typically, commercial roofs are the most affected by water damage as the roofs are flat and prone to water pooling. Therefore, roof waterproofing is an essential service for the safety and sustainability of such flat roofs.

It is good to waterproof your roof before any damage occurs. But sometimes water damage is sneaky and you don't know it's there until it's too late. Regardless of what state your roof is in, Diamond Roof Restorations is the number one commercial roofing contractor for Savannah and can help with all of your commercial roof restoration needs. Don't let water damage your roof, schedule a roof waterproofing service before it's too late!

Sealing Roofs To Extend Rooftop Lifespans

Roof leaking is no match for the commercial roofing contractors at Diamond Roof Restorations! The rooftop of your Savannah commercial property never gets a day off. Every single day, your roof is exposed to the harshest of the elements and is protecting your business from the environment.
The materials used in our roof waterproofing service form a barrier that protects your rooftop. This barrier is seamless and flexible, something that holds up well against the expansion and contraction cycles your roof goes through during temperature changes.

Obviously, the waterproofing components make it better suited to take on rain, snow, sleet, ice, and even hail. While it may not do much for the visual appearance, waterproofing will help you better protect your rooftop so it can better protect your commercial business. For a more appealing aesthetic, consider adding a metal roof restoration service. The upfront cost of roof waterproofing will eventually return its investment by saving you money from water damage.

Is Waterproofing Right For Your Roof?

Waterproofing is durable, flexible, and saves you money. It keeps your roofing system better protected against harsh elements, including severe weather and UV rays. Every commercial roof is a good candidate for roof waterproofing, but roofs that are flat can get the most use out of it. To prepare yourself for a new roof waterproofing service, these are some of the steps you can look forward to:

  • A thorough inspection is done to determine the condition of your roof. Issues we may look for are things like tears, punctures, drainage issues, and compromised insulation just to name a few.
  • We then address the current repair needs of your roof. Your roof will also need to be cleaned to get rid of debris like algae, moss, and other unwanted blemishes. This provides us with a clean slate and is the best way to ensure your waterproofing adheres to the surface.
  • Then your roof is ready to be waterproofed. We use our expertise to masterfully apply waterproofing to the surface of your roof.

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