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Skilled Commercial Roofing Contractor For Valdosta

Valdosta roof coatings

If your Valdosta business or commercial building is in some serious need of commercial roof restoration, call the roof experts at Diamond Roof Restorations. We stop leaks in their tracks and are the number-one choice in roof restoration for Valdosta businesses. Roof replacements are expensive and take your business out of commission. With professional roof restoration from the pros at Diamond Roof Restorations, your business can remain open while we restore your roof. You'll save money in both the initial cost of restoration versus replacement and also won't have any lapse in income.

We do everything to put the customer first and your roof isn't complete until you're fully satisfied. As the number one commercial roofing contractor in Valdosta, we guarantee you'll love your new roof restoration service. Call us today at 912-207-6273 to schedule a service or to get a free estimation on your next big roof restoration project.

Valdosta's Go-To Commercial Roof Restoration

Diamond Roof Restorations is experienced in commercial roof coating restorations. There are several reasons to use roof restoration coatings on an existing roof:

  • A well-applied, flexible coating will seal any small imperfections to reduce your chance of leaks
  • Coatings extend the life of your roof, prolonging the amount of time you can go without a replacement
  • Our bright restoration coatings reduce heat and lower energy
  • Improves appearance

Roofs that are secured with fasteners and adhesives are easier to coat because the coating is added directly to the top surface of the roof. A primer coat may be needed to help with the adhesion of the final roof coating, and typically all roof seams are primed anyway to help seal them from water intrusion. Then the final coating can be applied.

Roof Waterproofing For Your Valdosta Roof

By waterproofing the roof of your business, you'll also be protecting everything else inside it by preventing water damage from occurring. A roof waterproofing service will not only help prevent water from seeping in through leaks, but it will also act as a protective barrier between the elements and what's inside! The bottom line is that having your roof waterproofed by professionals will keep your business clean and dry. Roof waterproofing is also a great addition to your Valdosta business for these reasons:

  • Prevent Water Damage - When applied, the roof waterproofing sealant will fill every crack and seam along the roof, creating a smooth, seamless surface.
  • Eliminate Mold Growth - Mold can grow anywhere that has moisture and provides air for growth. Mold thrives on improperly sealed or coated roofs and roof decks, and it can grow beneath your shingles or flat roof material. If you don't seal your roof and neglect the damage, mold will rot it from the inside out!
  • UV Protection - Roof waterproofing also provides a certain amount of UV protection to your roof. The sun's UV rays can damage any coating on your roof, allowing water in.

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