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roof coatings
roof coatings

Your Expert In Commercial Roofing Across Savannah & The Surrounding Areas!

If you've been in the market for a commercial roofing contractor that can service your Savannah property, look no further than the pros at Diamond Roof Restorations. Our professional team of commercial roofing contractors is here to help you by providing a roof you can be proud of at a cost you can afford. Our roof restoration services were designed with the customer in mind, and we guarantee no service is complete until you are 100% satisfied!

Here at Diamond Roof Restorations, we put your roof first. We offer a myriad of services to ensure that your roof is getting the attention that it deserves. With our commercial roof restoration services, your roof will be able to perform at a level you've come to expect from the experts at Diamond Roof Restorations. From services like metal roof restoration all the way down to roof waterproofing, we're sure to offer a commercial roof restoration service to fit your needs.

Commercial Roofing Restoration Services

When the roof of your Savannah commercial property is looking a little worse for wear, reach out to the commercial roofing contractors at Diamond Roof Restorations. Regardless of if you just need some sealing or a full restoration, we promise to bring your roof back to tip-top shape. We can help seal and seam your roof surfaces to help prevent leaks and raise your building's energy efficiency.

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Why We Are The Right Choice

There is no better choice if you are looking for a commercial roofing contractor and the reason is clear. We spend the extra time required to get the job done right. We prefer quality over quantity. We help our customers by choosing the perfect system for each individual roof. Our roof systems are seamless so our customers never have to worry about a leak. We're able to save our customers money every day by increasing the energy efficiency of their roofs. But most importantly, we at Diamond Roof Restorations believe no job is complete until the customer is fully satisfied with their services.

Why We Proudly Use Fluid Applied Roofing

Fluid applied roofing saves you money by eliminating the need for roof replacement and helps meet sustainability goals through a reduction in landfill waste, smog, and energy consumption. Millions of tons of roofing waste end up in landfills across the country each year. Discarded roofing comprises a large amount of landfill waste. By using fluid applied roofing, we can help extend the life of your Savannah roof, helping the environment and saving you money from the high costs of tear-off and disposal.

When using fluid applied roofing, you receive the benefit of a potential energy reduction of up to 50%. Fluid applied roofing is extremely reflective, lowering the roof surface temperature by 50°F - 80°F. By lowering the temperature of your roof's surface, you're allowing less heat transfer into the building, resulting in a substantial reduction in energy costs.


Communities We Provide Commercial Roofing

Below is a list of service areas where we provide our expert pressure washing services. Don't see your area listed below? Please give us a call at 912-207-6273 to speak to one of our friendly professionals. Our commercial roofing contractors are here to provide you with exceptional service for your Savannah commercial property.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Roofing

When choosing roof restoration over replacement, the main factor you should weigh is cost. At Diamond Roof Restorations we're able to efficiently seal your roof to prevent leaks and further damage and reduce energy usage. Not only is restoration cheaper than replacement, but by reducing the amount of energy you use, you'll save money on your utility bills as well. You'll see that a roof restoration will pay for itself in the long run.

Your roof never gets a break from the elements. It is constantly barraged by the sun and rain. This can lead to wear and tear and yes-leaking. Instead of having to constantly patch leaks, consider a roof waterproofing service to save your roof and prevent water damage to your commercial property.

We work on several types of fluid applied roofing. We offer membrane roof restoration, metal roof restoration, and single ply roofing restoration. These are all applied with fluid applied roofing.

Problems such as cracks, open seams, and just general wear and tear are what we're here for. Instead of starting over and investing in a very expensive brand-new roof, consider the pros at Diamond Roof Restorations for a roof restoration service today. We can alleviate all of your commercial roofing problems at a fraction of the cost. To schedule a roof restoration service or to receive a free consultation, contact the commercial roofing contractor at Diamond Roof Restorations!

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Our Latest Jobs

Unlocking Roofing Excellence: La Rosita Mexican Restaurant, Swainsboro's Transformation with American Weather Star Ure-a-Sil 12-Year Flat Roof Coating System!

Unlocking Roofing Excellence: La Rosita Mexican Restaurant, Swainsboro's Transformation with American Weather Star Ure-a-Sil 12-Year Flat Roof Coating System!

At Diamond Roof Restorations, we thrive on turning roofing challenges into success stories! Our recent project at La Rosita Mexican Restaurant in Swainsboro is nothing short of extraordinary. Here's how we did a Membrane roof Restoration: Restaurant Roof Transformation: La Rosita, a beloved dining spot in Swainsboro, […]

Silicone coating in Baxley

Silicone coating in Baxley

In our ongoing commitment to excellence, Diamond Roof Restorations recently completed a significant project that we're thrilled to share with you. We had the privilege of working on the roof of the Juvenile Department of Justice in Baxley, Georgia, and the results speak for themselves. Thorough Preparation: […]

Commercial Roof coating Hinesville YMCA gymnastics building

Commercial Roof coating Hinesville YMCA gymnastics building

Diamond Roof Restorations is proud to announce our successful project at the YMCA Gymnastics Building in Hinesville, Georgia. Our team specializes in roof coatings and waterproofing, and this project was no exception. We ensured the roof's durability by meticulously sealing all fasteners and seams, guaranteeing that leaks […]

Articles & Resources

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